Enroll as an AJ Member - and receive discounts!

Our Membership Includes the following:

Unlimited Exterior Washes

-Hand wash & dry.

-Exterior windows are cleaned.

-The faces of the rims are cleaned.

-Tires are dressed.

With the AJ membership, you'll also receive 20% off any other service!

Additionally, each month you'll receive a free yellow micro-fiber towel to keep your car dust free, and an air freshener!

Price per month:

Small-size car:   $99.00

Mid-size car:       $109.99

Full-size car:        $119.99

Are you ready to take advantage of this special offer?   Come in to our shop at 702 Coleman Ave. in Downtown San Jose to secure your membership today!

702 Coleman Ave., San Jose, CA. 95110

(408) 947-1111

HOURS: Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 5PM,,
 with the last car at 3:30.  
Closed Sundays. Please note that hours may vary depending on the weather and capacity..

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