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Considering Window Tinting? - By Matt Griffoul

Before you choose to darken your vehicle’s glass, consider these tips about vehicle window tinting:

  1. Go to a reputable shop, like AJ’s, that knows what they are doing and will stand behind their work. Few things look worse than cheap material and/or poor workmanship.

  2. A properly installed tint job will protect the interior of your vehicle. A standard performance measurement used for car window tinting is visible light transmission. A darker shade of car tinting has a lower percentage of light transmission. The darkened glass slows or eliminates fading of interior surfaces due to a huge reduction of direct exposure to sunlight.

  1. Tinting protects your windows. It will add an additional layer of protection to reduce the possibility of glass shattering.

  2. Tinting your vehicle's windows will give you enhanced privacy and security because it is more difficult to see inside the vehicle. In some cases, medical conditions may require a car owner to have tinted windows.

  3. Tinting keeps your car cooler. Your vehicle's air conditioner will not have to work so hard as tinting helps keep the temperature inside a car cooler. The darkness of the tint helps to reduce how much heat build-up occurs inside the vehicles.

There are a variety of tint film manufacturers, shades and materials. The best film type is Ceramic. This type of film brings maximum visibility, as it absorbs UV rays and high levels of light. A very durable option, that is less expensive than the Ceramic, is Carbon.

Both products are excellent quality and both have a lifetime warranty. We offer either type of film for our customers' vehicles. There are less expensive films available, but we don't feel it is worth trying to save a little money when you could be compromising the integrity of the entire job.

You are welcome to call or visit us for an estimate and once an agreement is reached, we will need your vehicle for a full day.

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