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Important Things to Do After the Rain

Now that we have a break in our wet weather, it is important to take stock of the condition of your car's exterior and interior. There are two things to look out for: 1) Water spots and road grime that damage your clear coat; 2) Interior that has become wet that causes mold and rust. AJ's addresses both issues. 1) Your Paint. While driving your car on wet roads that splash up dirt and debris, your car's paint becomes covered with road grime mixed with water. This creates a potent mixture of chemicals that adheres to your paint's clear coat. If this dries and settles, the minerals in the water and road grime degrade the clear coat -- which then can damage your paint. To remedy this, it is important to hand wash your car -- after spraying it with water to loosen the material. Do NOT take your car to a tunnel wash -- as the brushes leave swirl marks on your paint -- caused by the road grime that is on your car as well as the tiny bits of dirt and rock that are collected in the tunnel car wash brushes from other cars.

Instead, we highly recommend bringing your car to AJ's for a clay bar and polish after a big storm like this. We hand wash your car - then the clay bar application gently lifts contaminants from your clear coat; the polish removes swirl marks and brings your paint to the best condition possible. The wax application seals your clear coat for a number of months. Your paint is protected. 2) Wet Interior. A wet interior is caused either by leaving the window partially opened while parked outside or by a vent shield seal failure at the front cowling below the windshield. In the past week, over a dozen customers have come to AJ's with water damage to their vehicle. We've also received numerous calls and emails about this issue. A wet interior, with trapped moisture, is a health issue and should be addressed with a level of urgency. It is vitally important to get the moisture out of the vehicle immediately as it will seep through the carpet and into the pad which rests on the sub floor. This trapped moisture will cause not only mold but will rust through the floor pan as well. Mold becomes a health issue for you and your passengers - so it is necessary to remedy the moisture issue and kill any mold.

AJ’s offers a remedy to this condition: As part of our interior detailing, we remove the seats, the carpet, and the pad. We expose the floor plan and dry everything with forced, heated air. Pricing depends on the vehicles condition when you bring it in. AJ's goal is to support you in maintaining the value of your important investment, your car, and support you in keeping you and your passengers healthy and safe. We are offering 20% off our "Complete Interior and Exterior Service" until January 31. We highly recommend this service as it addresses both issues. Your car will look and feel its best. At AJ's, we do our very best to give you the result you want so that you can be proud of the condition of your ride. We bring out the best in your car at AJ Professional Detailing. Happy New Year to you and yours! Sincerely, Matt Griffoul, Owner of AJ's.

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Feb 09, 2023

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