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Our Foam Cannon and Hand Washing Your Vehicle

At AJ's, we started using "Foam Cannons" a few years ago.

What is a Foam Cannon? It is a device that attaches to the end of a high-pressure water hose. The device has a one-quart container of a special soapy concentrate in it and it is mixed at the "tip" of the nozzle, as the high-pressure water solution is dispensed.

After your vehicle is moved into our shaded wash rack, it is doused with clean water to begin the process of "loosening" the dirt and dust that is sitting on top of your vehicles paint. We next cover the vehicle with a very slippery solution of foam and water. This penetrates the dirt on the surface of your vehicle and begins the process of releasing the dirt's hold on the painted surfaces. We can completely cover a semi-truck in less than 46 seconds with the foam cannon! Once applied, we remove the dirt with sheepskin mits that are cleaned between every vehicle, so that there is nothing "hiding" in the mitt (dirt). Once completed, we dry the vehicle by hand and move it to the next workstation. Your vehicle is under shade during our entire process. This keeps the surface cool and is much more receptive to the work our skilled staff will perform.

Whether it is a paint correction, polish, clay bar or anything else you surface requires, we will produce a finish that is as close to "factory new" as humanly possible. Thanks for considering AJ's as your paint restoration specialist, your car is a reflection of you. -- Matt Griffoul

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