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Clay Bar - Wax - Clear Coats

The color coat on your vehicle's surface is protected by a coating of clear paint. The purpose of the clear coat is to resist chipping, fading, and contaminants from reaching the color coat. The mission of a clear coat is to protect the color of your car.

A clay bar is a chunk of clay that has very, very fine abrasives mixed into it and once your car has been washed, we rub all of the clear coated surfaces with the clay bar and a mixture of silicone and water. It is very slippery and allows the clay bar to move freely over the clear coat. This is where the very fine abrasive in the clay removes the contaminants in the clear coat and produces a smooth as glass finish. Once the contaminants are removed, a coat of wax will protect the clear coat for about six months. -- We recommend this be done once before winter and once before summer.

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