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Metal Polishing - Bring new life to older vehicles.

By Matt Griffoul, Owner, AJ's Professional Detailing

Many of our customers have older vehicles equipped with aftermarket aluminum wheels from way-back-when.

Aluminum oxidizes faster than steel (rust), but oxidized aluminum is not as obvious as rusted steel. That is because the oxidized aluminum is very close in color to the original, raw aluminum. By the time the customer realizes what has been happening, the wheels can become discolored and in extreme cases, even pitted.

The skilled staff at AJ's can remove oxidized film on your aluminum wheels. We have the know-how, machinery, and compounds to restore the luster to your aluminum or steel wheels, as well as metal plated with nickel or chrome.

Another bit of good news is that you do not have to dismount your tires if you want us to freshen up your wheels.

Take a look at these Before and After photos of metal polishing on a large truck. And check out our Gallery Page for more photos and videos of gorgeous cars!

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