Custom HandWash


Dial in and keep your car or truck looking like the day you bought it with our signature wash. AJ’s Signature Handwash brings top quality care to your vehicle’s rejuvenation and keeps you looking fresh on the road. Expertise in the auto detailing service comes from being in the business for nearly 40 years and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. And we bring our signature detailing touch to something as simple as a car wash.

We offer a signature wash; express waxing service and you’ll want to make sure to wrap it up with a deluxe interior wash to keep every part of your vehicle protected and looking fresh. Maintaining value and enjoyment of your investment.


2-4 Hours


• Multi-stage prep wash

• Luxury shampoo foam to remove loose contaminants & prep for decontamination

• Sponge soft touch agitation

• A light coating of protector wax for a rich hydrophobic finish


• Non-acidic, phosphate-free, alkaline chemical decontamination

• Agitation to the face of the rim with a brush


• Interior: Full Blow Out, Vacuum, and Dust Wipe Down

• Glass: Streak-free in and out cleaning


• UV protectant streak-free hydrophobic finish spray to paint, rims, plastics, and moldings (Satin Finish)


Custom Hand Wash


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What’s the difference between a handwash and going through an automatic car wash?
While automatic car washes may be faster, the damage they do to your clearcoat will diminish the beauty of your vehicle rather quickly. Compared to handwashing, which involves manual cleaning with gentle tools and products, handwashing offers personalized attention to detail and almost eliminates the risk of damage.

Overall, while automated car washes offer convenience and speed, a hand wash remains the preferred choice for enthusiasts and those seeking the highest standards of cleaning, preservation, and aesthetic enhancement for their vehicles.

Why does a handwash take more time than an automated car wash?
A handwash takes time because it involves meticulous cleaning by hand, ensuring every vehicle area is thoroughly cleaned. This manual process allows for greater attention to detail, especially in hard-to-reach areas, resulting in a superior finish compared to automated car washes.
How often should I handwash my vehicle?
The frequency of handwashing your vehicle depends on various factors, such as your driving habits, local weather conditions, and personal preferences. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to handwash your vehicle every 1-2 weeks to maintain its appearance and protect the paintwork. However, if your vehicle is exposed to harsh environmental elements or accumulates dirt more quickly, you may need to wash it more frequently. Additionally, regular handwashing helps prevent the buildup of contaminants and maintains the integrity of protective coatings such as wax or ceramic coatings.


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Екатерина Карнилович
Екатерина Карнилович
Thank you for the good work!🤟
JJ Jones
JJ Jones
Very detailed (pun intended) and thoughtful about providing quality job. I was extremely pleased with their result and will go there again.
Elsa Jenkins
Elsa Jenkins
They did a great job for interior detail. Would definitely recommend!
Sergio has excellent customer service skills and recommended the best detailing service for my vehicle. He cares for his customer and always has a positive attitude. All of my vehicles including my parents' vehicles are detailed here at AJ professional detailing.
Ken “Kenny D.” Davis
Ken “Kenny D.” Davis
Only been to AJ'S 3 Times and I have to say I wish I could afford a More Regular Detailing with them But I'am Retired and have a Limited Income and even though they do a Fantastic Job down there at this point I just can't afford to do regular Details down there. The work they do is Very nice and I really can't complain about them Missing some spots on our windows but they do Great work. Behind the scenes I haven't a Clue, you can't see what there doing and it does take 2+ Hours even if your First at the Front door. That all said, I will be going back, but not on any kind of regular basis due to the Pricing and my Budget. If you haven't had your Car or Truck Detailed, Take it here, I think you'll pleasantly Surprised. (UPDATE 03/18/2023). We now Own a 2022 F-150 SUPER CREW Truck. In case anyone is curious about the cost of having your TRUCK DETALIED??? It's a FRESH $100.00 for a WASH AND BASIC Cleaning, Window's, Wheel Barrels (So I'm told)?? That said, I've had the TRUCK for Near One Year Now and I haven't taken it there "YET"? And that is Because of the HIGH COST. I just can't afford a $100.00 BILL, to SIT Around for 2++ HOURS only to get a BASIC WASH? "O", And..... They do have an Obvious Can inside the store for, you guessed it... (T I P S). And if your really Loaded, you can TIP the guy that Calls you out to Inspect your Vehicle. I'll go back at some point, BUT Man "O" Man, a "C" NOTE for a Basic Washington N Vac N Window Cleaning. Still, I'll say, they do a Good Job. Took BIG RED 2022 F-150 In for It's 2nd "HAND WASH" @ AJ's. early 2023 Ya..... Like everything Else in this Country, the price went up again and it is now $115.00 for the Basic Wash. Once again, I just can't afford to have this done on any kind of regular basis! It's just too damned expensive for "me". I simply can not pork out $115.00 on any kind of schedule . I see these rich folks that are regulars at AJ's and that's cool, they get the WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT??? You can see it happening right before your very eye's. Hey cuddos to them, they got the money and Flaunt it right in front of you so as to say, you'll have to wait a while Pal, I'am here now??? So perhaps I'll go back at some point in the future but to be smugged by some RICH Creep don't sit good with me at all! I don't care if you're the president of the US, you WAIT like everyone else! (Unless you're Paying For Everyone else's Car wash)! If not, then take a SEAT MEAT.... And wait like everyone else that's PAYING Large for a Car wash!!! Kinda Pisses me Off to say the Least.

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