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Premium Detailing Packages for San Jose Drivers

Refresh your car or truck with our signature detailing services. We help you re-energize your entire vehicle with a hand wash clay bar application, hand dry, then paint is polished and sealed. We shampoo your carpets and upholstery and clean leather and vinyl with only the finest materials. Our detailing packages are perfect for your car or truck’s interior and exterior. We offer three tiers of our detailing packages:


8-12 HOURS


• Multi-stage prep wash on all exterior surfaces, including doorjambs, tires, wheel wells, and Engine Compartment

• Clay treatment to mechanically remove remaining surface contamination


• Machine buff paintwork with industry leading polishes to diminish minor scratches and swirl marks

• Removes up to 60% of surface defects Adds Significant Gloss

• Rejuvenate engine covers, exposed hoses and plastics


• Vacuum carpets and floor mats using a high-suction industrial vacuum

• Shampoo and extract all interior carpet and upholstery

• Wipedown dash, seats, door panels, cupholders, cargo area, armrests, headrests, and all interior trim

• Power wash rubber mats with a pressure washer

• Deep clean the dashboard, center console, door panels, and cargo area

• Non-slip conditioner

• Clean and agitate leather & plastic surfaces to extract deeply embedded dirt & grime

• Condition leather and plastic to replenish moisture and nourishment while providing UV protection

• Condition rubber floor mats with a non-slip finish


Exterior Detailing


Proud to Be



What is Detailing?

Detailing is the meticulous care and attention given to every aspect of your vehicle’s appearance. Unlike tunnel car washes, which offer quick treatments, detailing at AJ’s is fine dining compared to fast food.

Car Washes:
– Automatic exterior wash or express hand wash (That damages your clearcoat)
– Light or no interior cleaning
– Fast wax and/or sealant application

AJ Professional Detailing:
– Multi-stage foam hand wash
– Intensive and meticulous interior detailing
– Ceramic coating application
– Paint correction services

How much work goes into these services?

Considerable effort is invested in each service. Our skilled technicians, some with over two decades of experience at AJ’s, collaborate meticulously to ensure every detail is addressed. We employ top-of-the-line equipment, supplies, and products and conduct thorough inspections before and after each job to uphold our high standards.

I don’t know what my car needs!

That’s why we’re here! Schedule or drop in for a complimentary consultation. We’ll conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection, discuss our observations with you, and recommend tailored solutions based on your priorities. From there, we’ll craft a custom service package to address your vehicle’s needs.

How long will my service take?

The duration of our services varies from same-day to two days, contingent upon your vehicle’s condition and the specific treatments required to attain your desired aesthetic outcome.

Why does my new vehicle need a detail?

Surprisingly, vehicles frequently incur minor aesthetic imperfections during their journey from the factory to the dealership or end user. These blemishes, including scratches, scuffs, and dings, are prevalent even on luxury and exotic vehicles. That’s why AJ’s offers dedicated New Car Detailing services, ensuring that every new vehicle looks as pristine as it did upon leaving the factory, if not better.


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Екатерина Карнилович
Екатерина Карнилович
Thank you for the good work!🤟
JJ Jones
JJ Jones
Very detailed (pun intended) and thoughtful about providing quality job. I was extremely pleased with their result and will go there again.
Elsa Jenkins
Elsa Jenkins
They did a great job for interior detail. Would definitely recommend!
Sergio has excellent customer service skills and recommended the best detailing service for my vehicle. He cares for his customer and always has a positive attitude. All of my vehicles including my parents' vehicles are detailed here at AJ professional detailing.
Ken “Kenny D.” Davis
Ken “Kenny D.” Davis
Only been to AJ'S 3 Times and I have to say I wish I could afford a More Regular Detailing with them But I'am Retired and have a Limited Income and even though they do a Fantastic Job down there at this point I just can't afford to do regular Details down there. The work they do is Very nice and I really can't complain about them Missing some spots on our windows but they do Great work. Behind the scenes I haven't a Clue, you can't see what there doing and it does take 2+ Hours even if your First at the Front door. That all said, I will be going back, but not on any kind of regular basis due to the Pricing and my Budget. If you haven't had your Car or Truck Detailed, Take it here, I think you'll pleasantly Surprised. (UPDATE 03/18/2023). We now Own a 2022 F-150 SUPER CREW Truck. In case anyone is curious about the cost of having your TRUCK DETALIED??? It's a FRESH $100.00 for a WASH AND BASIC Cleaning, Window's, Wheel Barrels (So I'm told)?? That said, I've had the TRUCK for Near One Year Now and I haven't taken it there "YET"? And that is Because of the HIGH COST. I just can't afford a $100.00 BILL, to SIT Around for 2++ HOURS only to get a BASIC WASH? "O", And..... They do have an Obvious Can inside the store for, you guessed it... (T I P S). And if your really Loaded, you can TIP the guy that Calls you out to Inspect your Vehicle. I'll go back at some point, BUT Man "O" Man, a "C" NOTE for a Basic Washington N Vac N Window Cleaning. Still, I'll say, they do a Good Job. Took BIG RED 2022 F-150 In for It's 2nd "HAND WASH" @ AJ's. early 2023 Ya..... Like everything Else in this Country, the price went up again and it is now $115.00 for the Basic Wash. Once again, I just can't afford to have this done on any kind of regular basis! It's just too damned expensive for "me". I simply can not pork out $115.00 on any kind of schedule . I see these rich folks that are regulars at AJ's and that's cool, they get the WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT??? You can see it happening right before your very eye's. Hey cuddos to them, they got the money and Flaunt it right in front of you so as to say, you'll have to wait a while Pal, I'am here now??? So perhaps I'll go back at some point in the future but to be smugged by some RICH Creep don't sit good with me at all! I don't care if you're the president of the US, you WAIT like everyone else! (Unless you're Paying For Everyone else's Car wash)! If not, then take a SEAT MEAT.... And wait like everyone else that's PAYING Large for a Car wash!!! Kinda Pisses me Off to say the Least.

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