Services and Pricing

When seeking top-tier detailing services for your vehicle, look no further than AJ Professional Detailing. We offer an extensive range of services designed to provide the perfect solution at competitive prices.

Whether you need a simple wash, comprehensive exterior detailing, or thorough interior cleaning to achieve that fresh-off-the-assembly-line look, AJ Professional Detailing is your premier choice in San Jose and the Bay Area.

Explore our wide array of services and visit us for an award-winning detailing experience for your vehicle

Signature wash

Hand Wash & Dry, Wheels Cleaned, Tires & Moldings Dressed. Windows Cleaned In & Out, Vacuum & Wipe Down Interiors

Complete Interior

Our Interior Detailing comes with the same veteran expertise that the exterior gets.

ceramic coating

Protect the paint on your vehicle and keep your investment looking brand new with our specialized CS-2 Nano Coating ceramic coatings.

Complete Exterior

AJ Professional Detailing is known for providing the most precise detailing with nearly 40 years of experience.

Detailing Package

Refresh your car or truck with our signature detailing services.

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